Thursday, January 6, 2011


OK I sincerely apologize for not writing lately but the thing is, I haven't gotten any good ideas (when I'm within range of the computer that is...) and I think that if I don't have any good ideas, then people won't read it..... =/  But I have discovered that the more I post, the more people read it.... Lol imagine that. So, this is going to be just about the life I actually have, besides being the computer loner that just sits here and writes all day. I haven't decided whether or not to start actually GIVING out my blog yet. All my friends know and it's on my Facebook account and stuff, but what happens to the people that would probably enjoy reading it? At this point, they don't. How would I tell them? I think I should send it out to all my relative, and I know that sounds totally geeky but they probably would like to know what's up in my world.... urgh speaking of my world I'm a little bit stressed right now. It's like, I want to do stuff but I can't because other stuff gets in the way, but then that other stuff gets changed and completely screws me up. Yep, that's the story of my life. Well my current form of stress is just school in general. Being the first week back (what? it's not over yet?) is probably messing me up a bit.... or just everything in general. Yeah, this blog is  getting kind of pointless.... um think Jen think! You need a better idea..... damn. I'm brain dead today. I have to do a social project about star constellations and legends and stuff, and then I get to make up a legend about them! That's going to be fun. Anyway, I better sign off now. I have homework + basketball + harmony tonight....  Later, my friends!

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Carly said...

Hey! I love this. I just typed "randomness" on Google, and this was the first thing that popped up. :) Peace Out Homies!

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